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The Community Studio has been created to help you. You have more and more demands to involve community and stakeholders in the development of your projects, programs and sites.

If you’re not sure how to do that – keep reading. The Community Studio is here for you!

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The Community Studio Introduces Online Community Engagement Training

The Community Studio has developed a range of community engagement training options designed for professionals (engineers, projects managers, policy specialists etc) who need to engage with community and stakeholders as part of their current role and projects. In fact, if you don’t come from an engagement background and want to know more about this emerging field – we are for you!

We know that working with community and stakeholders will help your business, project and career thrive. Even though it might be making you feel, a little… apprehensive… right now.


Community Engagement Training On Your Terms

Let’s face it, you don’t want to sit in circles with butchers paper, sticky notes and strangers. You don’t have time to be away from your site or office to attend training courses.

We’re bringing the training to you! Our training options are designed to be practical and are fully mobile. There are courses you can take on your lunch break or in an afternoon. As they are fully mobile you can take them anywhere and on any device.

The course platform is easy to use and navigate.

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community engagement training for professionals

Exciting news! Join the waiting list now!

Max Hardy is joining The Community Studio to present an online course based on his TEDxTalk – Questions Change Everything. Because in community engagement – the right question will change everything.

Join the waitlist to be alerted when this course opens for enrollment again. When you invest in this course you will get:

  • The step-by-step process to design the right question for your community engagement activity.
  • The Max Hardy designed ‘community engagement question generator’ tool that can be used for large and small projects.
  • Video lessons, a workbook and live online training session.

You will create:

  • The right question for your community engagement activity.
  • A successful and enduring solution for your project or issue.
  • Trust and a good relationship with your stakeholders.

If you need to engage with the community but aren’t sure where to start – this is the course for you!