About The Community Studio and Susan Carter

Hello. I’m Susan Carter, the founder of The Community Studio. susan carter The Community Studio

I discovered community engagement when I was working in local Government a long, long time ago. Don’t make me say how long ago but you can check it out here.

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Anyway, community engagement has been my career and passion ever since. I’ve created great outcomes for community and stakeholder engagement that is well planned, genuine and started early across Local and State Government, science, tourism, environment, infrastructure and industrial organisations. I’ve also been known to come in a fix a situation when the community is angry when staff won’t engage because they think stakeholders are stupid when staff AND stakeholders think each other is stupid. In other words, I’m pretty good at diagnosing the problem(s) and developing the path forward.

I don’t believe in ‘winging it’ or a ‘just do it’ approach when it comes to community engagement – your success will come down to having a good plan and team capability. Just like everything else!

Believe me, I have had to fix a lot of bad situations that have eventuated from not having a plan or an understanding of who stakeholders are!

I bet you like to have a plan before you start something too (if you don’t you’re in the wrong spot and I’m surprised you’ve made it this far!)

Can you believe some people think it is ok to start an engagement process (with real-life people) without a full understanding of all the players involved, what their interest or stake is, what you all agree and disagree on, negotiables and non-negotiables, outcomes and the way to achieve them! Boggles my mind… actually, boggles it!

I think it is because of my science background!

About The Community Studio

I started The Community Studio because I’m passionate about community and stakeholder engagement that welcomes and respects community involvement because I know it leads to better decisions, projects, policies and outcomes. Working with community and stakeholders will help your business or project thrive too. You just need the know-how.

At The Community Studio the know-how includes the design, implementation and evaluation of online and offline engagement programs for a broad range of stakeholder and organisational issues and programs. Coupled with skills across communications, crisis communication, outrage management, behaviour change, community education, community programs, relationship management, stakeholder analysis, partnerships, leadership, facilitation, training, strategic planning and collaboration.

And now my mission is to help you discover and excel in your community engagement.

To do that we have:

  • Guided online courses that will help you develop skills, excel with your stakeholders and build your career.

Online courses by The Community Studio

  • Personal Engagement Plan and capability Review packages so you can move forward with sound advice.
  • Customisable template packages so your stakeholder plans look (and are) great. Coming soon 
Now. What about you? Do you…
  • Need to improve the engagement capability?
  • Need to develop engagement strategy, guidelines, processes etc?
  • Need to understand who your “community” and “stakeholders” actually are. Hint: It’s not everyone….it never is.
  • Need to review a community and stakeholder plan for a project, program or issue?

If you’re ready to develop your engagement skills and/or the skills of your team.

Let’s talk about how we can work through that together.

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