Courses At The Community Studio

The Community Studio offers Community Engagement training and resources specifically designed for individuals and teams who need to incorporate Community Engagement techniques and skills into their current roles and projects (aka – Engineers, Policy Officers, Project Managers and Industrial Site Operators.

We work with individuals and organisations to improve engagement capability through training packages featuring online and offline tools.

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E-Learning At The Community Studio

The Community Studio introduces online community engagement training. Our courses are designed for busy professionals. Access your free trial course via the link above and below!

If you have more demands on you to engage with Community and Stakeholders but are not sure of how. Don’t stress we can help. Our training is:

    • Fully mobile
    • Practical
    • Designed to remove any random or reactive engagement activity from your life. It will be better for you and your stakeholders.
    • Designed around presenting engagement as a step-by-step planning process.
    • Free from the fluffy stuff and any jargon.

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