Are you struggling to resolve an issue with a community? Did you start a community engagement process but all it seemed to do was cause more problems?

If that sounds like you here’s the community engagement training you need to set yourself up for success. You see, in community engagement, there are stupid questions. In fact, the question changes everything (it really does).

Planning for and asking a great, deliberate question will make sure you’re solving the right problem (and not creating a new one).

The community engagement online course ‘The Question Change Everything’ will open again soon.

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engagement training and planning will make great community engagement happen

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About the Course

All community engagement has a question associated with it. It’s the question you’re asking your stakeholders to respond to. Now, here’s the community engagement training to help you ask a great question and, therefore, get great responses.

The wrong question to stakeholders can easily make them think that you and your organisation aren’t genuine. This is, of course, terrible for a brand – your personal brand and your organisations. Talk about a career and PR disaster!

In the very worse case scenario, the wrong question (or no deliberate question) will create frustrated and angry stakeholders for you to work with.

If you’re looking to improve your results with stakeholders this is the community engagement training opportunity for you!

You can take the course online at any time and anywhere you have internet access. The course platform will work on any device.

Community engagement training designed for you

The Question Changes Everything and all community engagement training at the Community studio are designed for you.

Community engagement is an emerging field and expected to be included as part of project planning and project management cycles. Basically, all professionals need to be able to add community engagement capability to their bag of tricks.

The Question Changes Everything is a short course. It is delivered online, will work on all devices and will fit into your schedule.

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When you invest in the course you’ll get:

  • Guided video lessons
  • A 12- page workbook yo work through your community engagement challenge and craft a great question
  • The tools we use to plan engagement processes that get business results
  •  1-hour online workshop