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Do you need to involve community and stakeholders in the development of your projects?

The Community Studio is here to help you achieve project and community outcomes

Community engagement specialists

The Community Studio is a consultancy specialising in helping you engage with your community and stakeholders. 

We know that working with the community and stakeholders can be challenging but the right tools, training and planning will help you, your project and organisation achieve better results. 


Here's what The Community Studio can help you with:

  • Engagement policy and strategy development

  • Improve the engagement capability of your staff through online and face-to-face training, coaching and mentoring.

  • Stakeholder identification and frameworks.

  • Develop and/or review your engagement plans

  • Guidance and coaching 

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Founder,  Principal

Susan is a community and stakeholder engagement specialist. She has held senior communication and engagement roles across local and state government. Susan is passionate about helping others improve their engagement skills

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Interested in


Click the link to view our Collaboration with Max Hardy Consulting and Anthony Boxshall of Science into Action

For projects that are complex and potentially controversial co-design offers a better way of working with communities to implement your project.

The main benefits of Co-design are:

  • Relationships and trust are built throughout the process

  • Local and diverse knowledge is valued

  • Early opponents often become advocates of the process and outcomes.

  • Substantial project savings as the project is more likely to be delivered on time and within budget (by avoiding ongoing protests, legal costs, and political interventions)

  • A more enjoyable, satisfying process for all concerned (even despite some inevitable challenges as people learn to work together)

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